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Best Overall G2 trifecta SLVR During our reviews, this grinder consistently performed very well. If you have some money and want a the best grinder for under 2k, this is the one for you. You can find the full article here
Best Value for Money Cuisinart DBM-8 For anybody on a budget that still likes to grind their own coffee, this is our recommendation. Read more here
Best Blade Grinder Coffee Grinder (80392) Blade grinders are often not taken seriously. Their simple construction makes them highly reliable, and still an excellent choice. Our top pick among blade grinders is the Hamilton Beach
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Welcome to Bob Reviews Coffee Grinders to grind your way to awesome coffeeCoffee is the second most drunk hot drink in the world. (Tea is the first, but you don’t need to grind it). And a good cup of coffee in the morning will delight pretty much anyone.

Making good coffee is often considered to be an art. But nothing could be further from the truth. It comes down to attention to detail and not doing anything wrong. We have a section on the basics of making good coffee here.

Let’s stay with the grinding of the beans because that is probably the reason why you are here. Most people see the necessity of grinding the beans but don’t understand how crucial it is to the final result of good coffee.

The most important aspect of grinding coffee is the consistency of the particle size. Different particle sizes in the ground coffee lead to different extraction speeds of the flavors within. If you have ever tasted coffee that was severely over brewed, you know that it gets quite nasty.

When the particles are all of similar size, you can accurately make the coffee, so that very little of these bad over-extraction flavors come out. And that lead to the richest, most flavorful cup of coffee. The final result still depends on the beans, burning process, and coffee maker.

But with a good quality grinder, you will maximize your investments in all other areas. And with a bad quality grinder, you will not fully benefit from gourmet beans or super-fancy coffee makers.

So nice to have you here, let’s dive right in to check out the best coffee grinders for your situation.