About Bob

Welcome to Bob Reviews Coffee Grinders to grind your way to awesome coffeeHi, my name is not really Bob. But I have some bad experiences with putting my real name on the internet. So my alias will be Bob. Just as a lot of people I love coffee. The very first thing I do in the morning is making a cuppa. And it’s hard to stop drinking coffee in the evening. I have to, though, otherwise I will never fall asleep.

During my quest to improve my cup of coffee I discovered the importance of coffee grinders in the whole brewing process. It’s very cool that coffee drinkers are starting to see the importance of buying full beans and grinding them yourself. (Most supermarkets now have reasonable collection of different coffee beans available).

But the coffee grinder remains overlooked in many cases. People are happy, as long as the beans get turned to dust somehow. I was the same way. I had a simple 10-year-old blade grinder, and I was looking at buying better beans or a different filter.

When a friend saw this, he insisted I try his burr grinder. I was very skeptical but went ahead with it. Well, that changed my whole look at making coffee. I used to focus on finding the best component (beans, coffee maker, filter). But I discovered that making good coffee is more about eliminating the weak links in the process. And the biggest weak link for me was that old blade grinder.

A simple upgrade to a quality burr grinder allowed me to enjoy much better coffee, and fully benefit from better beans as well as coffee filters and other upgrades. That is when I decided to build this website

Here is to your cup of coffee,