Comparison of Bunn Coffee Grinders

Bunn manufactures commercial coffee grinders to grind coffee beans.  They have greater capacity and can grind much faster compared to models made for consumer use.  The following is a comparison of different Bunn models:

G2 trifecta SLVR

  • comparing the bunn g2 trifecta coffee grinder Single hopper holds 3 pounds (1.36 kg) of specialty, decaf or regular coffee beans.
  • Precision heavy-duty burrs for finer, quality grinds.
  • Grinding burrs have a four-year warranty.
  • Cleaning lever is convenient and ensures that all coffee is cleaned out of the grind chamber .
  • Can be used in behind-the-counter applications as a bulk grinder.
  • Can select an expanded range of various precise grinds.
  • The chute assembly accommodates a Trifecta brewer brew cup


Weight Driven Coffee Grinder with Single HopperComparing the bunny-g2wd coffee grinder at bob reviews coffee grinders

  • Large brew funnels accommodated by tall design
  • Precision burrs for commercial quality, consistent grind
  • LCD alphanumeric display shows diagnostics and coffee names
  • During the grinding process, the coffee name is communicated by the grinder to the Smart Funnel
  • Grind time is adjusted by the grinder for each batch so that the proper grind volumes are delivered
  • Grinding burrs have a four-year warranty
  • Coffee recipe cards can be created on your PC using BrewWise Recipe Writer
  • The BrewWise Brewer reads information from the Smart Funnel, the recipe is adjusted, and coffee is brewed
  • Three batch sizes with weight-based portion control to provide the correct amount of coffee each time
  • Single hopper holds 6 pounds (2.72 kg) of specialty, decaf or regular coffee beans
  • Can be used a time-based grinder
  • Removable easy-to-clean front-loading hopper
  • Weight Driven Coffee Grinder comes with a Single Hopper

FPG-2 DBC SST – French Press Coffee GrinderReviewing the burn fog 2 dbc sst coffee grinder at bob reviews coffee grinders

  • Professional grind produced by large 3.19-inch (8.1 cm) diameter burrs that are powered by a high torque, low speed, quiet motor.
  • Grinding burrs have a four-year warranty
  • Each of the two hoppers holds 3 pounds (1.36 kg) of specialty, decaf or regular coffee beans
  • Commercial grinding burrs provide maximum grinding precision for small amounts of coffee
  • Multi-batch settings enables a user to grind enough coffee in the funnel for brew large quantities of drip-style coffee or specify the French press brew size
  • Gourmet C Funnel is also accommodated for coffee with heavier throw weights
  • Accommodates up to 8-inch (20.3 cm) tall funnel for drip-style brewer or French press

How Good Are These Bunn Burr Grinders?

Burrs work in this particular model.  Coffee beans run through a series of burrs where they are broken down into tiny particles. The adjustment and design of the burrs only let particles of a specific size to get through. So larger particles continue to be broken up until they can get through.

The ground coffee that is created by a burr coffee grinders has a very even particle distribution.  When brewing coffee mechanics are reviews, it became apparent why even particle size distribution is so important.

During the brewing process, the flavors are extracted by hot water from the ground coffee.  When the particles are small, extraction happens faster, and when they are larger is happens more slowly.  If coffee gets brewed for too long (for the particle size), then it starts to draw undesirable flavors out, like too much bitterness.

Therefore if your ground coffee has a broad range of various particle sizes, then you either are under brewing the larger ones or over brewing, the smaller ones.  This will result in your coffee not tasting as good.  Burr grinders are used by most professionals and serious enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to coffee, fortunately, the days of a murky cheap generic brew boiling all day slowly long are over.  Thank goodness!  Over the past few years, the interest for quality espresso machines and coffee makers has skyrocketed.  Even supermarkets these days stock a wide variety of different coffees to meet every individual taste.

Creating great coffee involves matching the right processes with the right ingredients.  It is most important to ensure that there are no weak links in your coffee chain than it is to spend all of your money on a single great component.

Therefore it is essential to use a quality coffee grind to completely benefit from your French press or Italian-made coffee maker and gourmet beans.

So what needs to be done by a coffee grinder?  It needs to be able to grind the beans to allow you to make coffee with them.  Grinding the beans results in all of the great flavors being released and them being dissolved in hot water.


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