Best French Press Coffee Grinder

French press coffee is making a comeback after it was overshadowed by espresso. When you want to make the best French Press Coffee, you need the right grinder. In this table you find our favorites for making French press coffee. Below that we review the basics of brewing in French style and what that means for the grinder.

Coffee Grinder Result Best Price
Bunn G2 Trifecta Best if money is no object
Bodum Bistro Best for most people
Cuisinart DBM-8 Best Starter Model

How does French Press Work?

You mix ground coffee with water in a cylindrical vessel. After the water has had time to extract the coffee from the ground beans (usually a few minutes) a plunger with a filter is pushed down. The filter separates the coffee powder from the liquid that is now coffee.

Making good French press requires a coarser grind of the beans to make sure that the filter does not get clogged up. Too fine a grind will not only clog up the filter, but it will also see along the sides and lead to coffee residue in your cup. Most people don’t like that.

The extraction time depends greatly on the particle size in the coffee powder. The uniformity of the particle size in the ground coffee is also important.

What does that mean for the coffee grinder?

For the best French Press, you need a grinder that can produce a relatively coarse grind with a very uniform particle size. If you have both coarse and fine particles, the filter will clog up, and residue will end up in your cup.

Burr grinders are much better at producing a uniform particle size. So for the French press, we will only look at this type. Not every burr grinder is created equally, though. The material and design of the burrs has the biggest effect. But the power of the motor, bearing construction. And the consistency o the adjustment are very important too. All these have a lot of effect on the uniformity of the particles in the ground coffee.

After a couple of months of use, the quality of the grinder will become even more apparent. Lower quality burrs will quickly wear, and bearings will develop play.

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