Bodum Bistro Electric Grinder Review

Bodum makes an electric coffee grinder called the Bistro. It is a burr grinder with a very stylish look (at least to me) and it uses some very high quality materials. The Bodum Bistro starts at prices of Let’s see how Bodum has fared at making coffee grinders. We start with the specifications and features.

Comparing the bodum bistro at Bob Reviews Coffee Grinders

  • A push button, pre-set timer allows users to grind the exact amount of coffee needed, keeping beans fresh and preventing waste
  • The adjustable grind allows users to go from Espresso to French Press with ease.
  • A colorful, compact, space-saving design pairs perfectly with e-Bodum’s BISTRO collection of kettles and coffeemakers.
  • It’s equipped with a friction clutch, preventing damage to the grinding gear by the presence of small stones.
  • The borosilicate glass catcher reduces static cling of coffee grounds
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth 0.12 m
    • Width 0.156 m
    • Height 0.275 m

A little more about the technology of The Bodum Bistro

This particular model works with burrs. The coffee beans run through a set of burrs that break them down into small particles. The design and adjustment of the burrs allows only particles of a certain size to go through. So the bigger particles are broken again and again until they can go through.

Burr coffee grinders create ground coffee with a very even distribution of particles. The importance of an even distribution of particle size becomes apparent when we look at the mechanics of brewing coffee.

During brewing, hot water extracts the flavors from the ground coffee.  Extraction happens faster if the particles are smaller, and slower when they are bigger. If coffee is brewed too long (for its particle size) then undesirable flavors start to come out, such as too much bitterness.

So if you have a broad range of particle sizes in your ground coffee, then you are either over brewing the small ones or under brewing the bigger. In short, the coffee will taste less good. Most serious enthusiasts and professionals use burr grinders.

What is Important When It Comes To Coffee Grinders

When we think about coffee, the days of cheap generic murky brew that has been slowly boiling away all day, are luckily over. Thank god for that. The interest in quality coffee makers and espresso machines has skyrocketed over the last years. And even supermarkets stock a large variety of coffee for every taste.

Creating good coffee is all about linking the right ingredients and processed together. Having great beans is not going to pay off when you have a crappy coffee maker. And a great coffee maker cannot turn mediocre beans into great coffee. To get a little metaphoric about coffee: making sure that you coffee chain has no weak links is more important than spending all your money on one great component.

So using a quality coffee grinder is paramount to fully benefitting from your gourmet beans and Italian-made or French press coffee maker. Let’s break the functionality down to basics. What does a coffee grinder need to do?

A coffee grinder needs to grind the beans so that you can make coffee with it. The grinding of the beans releases all the great flavors and allows them to dissolve in hot water.

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